The Flaming Ice Cube Cafe–Cleveland!

When you’re in or near downtown Cleveland and want to experience a fresh, healthy and delectable food alternative, be sure to walk down to the Flaming Ice Cube Café… Located at the street level of The Park Building directly across from the soldiers and sailors monument on historic public square! The view of the square is charming and makes for the perfect cafe atmosphere! Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner the Flaming Ice Cube is an earth friendly eclectic vegan café offering selections that appeal to everyone!

Freshly made from scratch soups, sandwiches, and gourmet salads for starters! For quick energy on the go, try one of the many smoothies or freshly made juices. The Flaming Ice Cube also prepares a fine array of home made baked goods, breads, cakes, muffins, and healthy decadent deserts are available.

Top off your meal with a hot cup of one of the Cube’s freshly brewed specialty coffees or teas. So come downtown to the Flaming Ice Cube today. They’re open weekdays from 7:00am to 8:00pm. Just remember “The Cube on the square” right in the heart of downtown Cleveland – The Flaming Ice Cube Café!

Flaming Ice Cube Website:

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Here is an older list, from a blog I found, of vegetarian restaurants. There are a couple numbers out of service, but I do now know if it means the establishment is gone. As I wrote about in an earlier post, Greater Clevelanders and people in North East Ohio need to be offered more of a choice for such food—and need to be shown that vegetarian is not just a few lettuce leaves and a tomato as is the common misconception. I feel sorry for those who actually have such a limited and narrow scoped mindset about what is really a cuisine and art of cooking all unto itself! Anyway, check out the list below and if you have a suggestion of a new place to add, drop me a line!

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We Need More Exclusive Vegetarian Restaurants In The USA

If we are living in the country of such great choice, then why aren’t their many more vegetarian restaurants to choose from? Sure they exist in pocket areas all over the USA, more in some places than others, but compared to the meat choices, there is hardly a sample of vegetarian restaurants from which to choose!

I am convinced that in the Cleveland/Akron/Youngstown Tri-Metropolitan Region, that although there are a myriad of fine restaurants that offer a wide variety of vegetarian foods, those establishments which offer exclusive vegetarian or vegan menus are still limited in numbers. It is sad because contrary to popular conception, not everyone eats or wants to always eat meat and fried foods.

In my honest opinion, I feel most people who have the conception that a vegetarian or vegan diet is limited, are believing something that is actually the opposite of what is true—-and indeed lacking knowledge about the diverseness of these diets—and in the end limiting themselves from a cornucopia of amazing fresh foods, creativity, and a variety and flavors!

Add to that, swallowing a diet of what has been preached to the public for years by the beef and dairy industries limits one’s mindset to consider any other alternative diet—one that just may help reduce the obscene obesity plague in the US. Below are a few of my local favorite places which offer some great vegetarian or vegan foods! I hope you will like them as well.

Without a doubt, this country needs to adopt a healthier choice of diet if we are going to be well enough to compete in the future world economy. The restaurants listed below are such a refreshing change of pace to the chain eateries as well and you will be helping to support locally owned/operated businesses. A well planned vegan diet is the best thing we can do for the environment too. That’s another story, another day!

The Flaming Ice Cube –Youngstown (Boardman)

The Flying Fig — Cleveland (Ohio City Neighborhood — Some great vegetarian choices, ingredients support local farms)

Vegiterranean – Akron, the best! Opened by Chrissy Hynde (Pretenders Rock Band from Akron)

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Meet Your Meat Video–Do you know how your food is produced?

I feel more people should be aware of how the food they’re eating is brought to their plate, as it used to be before the mega-industrialization of food. Since the industrialization of our food, most people have become completely oblivious as to how it is produced, what sacrifices are made by the land/environment—and the animals which in the end are consumed.

We are too used to seeing food all pretty packaged up in stores, or handed to us through a window. I Hope more people will learn how an inhumane system that produces for quantity only, will result in a negative impact on ourselves and the world. Which choice dietary choices will you make after you have educated yourself on this issue? 1.An unsustainable one which has a very negative impact on this planet’s resources and its inhabitants (ourselves)….or 2. One that will have a much much lesser impact?

Perhaps the following website and video will help you make this choice and inform you about how the food you love so much is brought to you.

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