Time To CLOSE The OPEN Signs!

Has anyone take notice lately of a phenomenon in storefront/business-front windows that features one of the several styles–but very similar–models of these “OPEN” signs? When I first noticed these signs, I thought they were actually unique until their popularity exploded and has made them every bit as tacky, yet not nearly iconic as the Parma pink lawn flamingo of the late 50’s through early 70’s, or more recently, that silly talking fish featured on a series McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish commercials aired during sporting events a few years back.

I wonder if businesses, which perhaps thought they were being different and standing out by hanging one in their windows, have taken notice to their counterparts and neighbors all showcasing the same thing in their windows! I wonder if their was some kind of mass mailing of catalogs all featuring these signs, OR, did buyers all rush off to Sam’s Club to get one?

Whatever the case, the cheaply foreign made sings are nothing clever, unique, or even attractive…OR stand out, when they are everywhere within eye shot. I think their presence has to rival the obesity plague in numbers. Yes, this surely is a peeve, but the signs are just downright tacky (not even in a kitschy original way) and bordering UGLY! Uhhh, hey businesses…..we KNOW you are likely OPEN if your lights are on, people can be seen in your establishment, and it is usual business hours. We do not need to have “OPEN” flashed in our faces with cheesy imitation neon signs.

Alternatively… Business owners, if you really want to be unique, stand out, be original, not be a part of the clone zone….and insist on hanging something like this in your windows to let customers who already KNOW you are open, that you are “OPEN”– Then why not find a REAL vintage neon sign at a local re-sale store, or from a local neon vendor or sign expert. Yes indeed, they were in existence long before these tacky over played “OPEN” sings arrived! You will stand out and at the same time, help support a local business and local independent economy, instead of helping to build China’s by being a sucker for purchasing these crummy signs!

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