Instead of wasting the world’s energy on mowing, blowing, spraying, and working against nature maintaining a traditional lawn…let’s work with nature instead! The energy intensive suburban yard model has got to go….as it is totally unsustainable and pointless, other than satisfying some cosmetic image created by companies like Scott’s and “Chemical-Lawn”.

No food does it yield for people or wildlife…and it demands an incredible amount of energy, all for the sake of the chemical companies conditioning people to think that diversity in a yard is bad…and anything other than a blade of grass is taboo! I never recall anyone dying of dandelions!

Sadly, through poisoning, we extinguish all the culinary and medicinally potential plants in a yard and keep grass that is not even native. We weaken the self supporting life systems in soils making plants even more susceptible to diseases, due to the mono-culture created as a result.

We cut it short–a plant that is meant to be tall and waving in the first place! How twisted is this logic? There is nothing brilliant or unusual about it when every one has a yard consisting of bland and boring patch after patch of green….that no one is lining up waiting in line to oooohh and ahhhwww over! I think Forest Gardening is really unique as an alternative! Check it out…

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