Trees Are Beneficial To Your Neighborhood – Don’t Cut Them Down If You Don’t Need To!

Not long ago, I was prompted to take action in composing several “Benefits of Trees” letters to be handed out to my neighbors after I witnessed over a few short years, what had been an non-stop cutting down assault on the beautiful tall oak trees which once dominated our neighborhood.

When you grow up with these trees and remember how they cradled and protected the neighborhood for so long, one grows to respect them and realize all the benefits they provide—yet get taken for granted. Cutting them down for frivolous reasons such as ‘not wanting to rake leaves’ is not only disrespectful to the institution of a long time living thing, but also to the many people who have grown to respect these trees for all the fond memories they have provided. One does not realize just how much the trees meant to the neighborhood until the trees gone. In many places which we considered to our “urban forest”, what remains is boring patch after patch of turf grass.

The letter I wrote was a bit passionate, maybe off-putting to some, but when I wrote it, I didn’t care because something had to be done, and I was not about to wait for a backwards city council to draft proper progressive legislation to protect historic trees on private property within city limits! The rather lengthy letter reminded people clearly what they may want to consider before removing in a matter of hours, what took a long human lifetime and much more to grow–and just what these trees meant to the value of the neighborhood! If you have a similar tree assault problem in your neighborhood, maybe this letter can inspire you to do something a bit proactive in your own way. My choice was to go straight to the neighbors and remind them a thing or two about trees. I think it worked because the cutting has stopped!

Dear Resident,

I have been a long time resident of the “Genesee/Oak Knoll” area
neighborhood and a volunteer former member of the one time Warren City
Arbor Commission. I write today to many of you to share a few thoughts
about what I am seeing with the poor stewardship of our city’s trees
both on public and private properties. This most valued asset of the
neighborhood has been entirely taken for granted and it has really gone
far enough to the point I felt I had to write one resident at a time
hoping that you will take all the following beneficial assets about
trees on board before you chose to remove one.

If you are considering removing trees on your property, please take a
few moments to read the following information before you pay a lot of
money to have it done by one of the various so called “tree expert”
companies which often don’t even have a qualified degreed arborist
working for them…yet are allowed to continue this destruction of our
trees in the neighborhood.

Granted, over the years, some have been or may need to be removed for
obvious safety reasons — or they have been blown down by storms, but
many more are continually coming down for somewhat frivolous reasons
such as not wanting to rake/mulch leaves, or allowing sun to penetrate
to the ground. (which can be easily achieved through trimming the tree,
rather than removing it wholly)

By making the decision or “a” decision to cut down the perfectly
healthy tree in your yard, you will have contributed to being a part of
the following problems….

* Helping to make already dirty air even dirtier, (Ohio has amongst the
worse air quality, in various categories, in the nation — see EPA
website) as well as to help increase the effects of global warming
effects caused by greenhouse gases, which trees assist in greatly
reducing. Trees help remove air pollution while producing oxygen we
need…to continue to remove then will be costly to all of us via
health care and many other ways!

* Helping to make a town, which is already chronically noisy , even
noisier. Trees help to reduce noise pollution acting as a sound buffer.
(loud motorcycles, boom cars, gas powered leaf blowers, etc.)

* Helping to make water resources dirtier. Trees are integral parts of
the hydrogen cycle and help clean our water for free……no one will have
to pay extra taxes for this service!

* Helping to undermine the beauty and value of the neighborhood. Often,
well maintained housing in neighborhoods which boast lush tree lined
streets often have higher property values. Trees add beauty and value
to the neighborhood! The high aesthetic and monetary property value of
the Oak Knoll neighborhood owes this in part to the trees. Many
neighborhoods would die to have trees like this and yet we keep cutting
them down each year without replacing them! Now our neighborhood is
beginning to look like a cheap housing development…bare and naked…and
not with the “cozy and safe” feeling that well tree planted streets
provide. As other neighborhoods continue to lose their trees, this kind
of “forested” neighborhood amidst the concrete of the city, will be
rare, hence a much sought after feature in the neighborhood by
potential good home buyers. Please think about the sense this makes.

* Helping to create higher heating and cooling bills. In a national
Arbor day Foundation study, it was discovered that in towns and cities
where trees were more abundant, that heating and cooling bills were
lower than the averages. Trees help in reducing utility bills. *See
National Arbor Day Foundation

* Helping to Increase landfill waste, landfill space, and consumption
of more energy to manage them. Paper is one of the top 5 “ingredients”
in landfills. The highest point in Trumbull County to date is a
landfill! Ohio accepts trash from 7 states while struggling to manage
our own.

* Helping in destroying harmless “backyard wildlife” habitat. This
creates a scenario where this wildlife could now become a problem, such
as taking refuge in chimney’s and spouting, or in garages, because they
have no place to go. Trees provide beneficial habitat so that we can co-
exist peacefully with harmless yet beneficial small animals.

* Helping to create more drought-like conditions or intense rainfall in
the Summer, which could lead to excessive water consumption or
flooding. Trees are an integral part of the hydrogen cycle. By
removing too many trees, when it does rain, it will be intense heavy
rain which can greatly contribute to soil erosion around the home and
water in basements of homes. Tree roots can help “suck up” water and
hold soil together.

Note: Trees provide the above benefits and many more for free! Nobody
has to pay any extra taxes for this. It is our hope that you did not
remove this tree for the somewhat frivolous and lazy reason of:
…..“because you don’t want to rake leaves” If so, you may want to learn
the money and time saving benefits of mulching, vs. raking and/or
bagging. It’s not likely that the tree was a threat to safety as
indicated above, but whatever the reason, we strongly urge you to
replace what was destroyed so that we can leave, and provide current
future residents with all the benefits trees offer. In the long run,
you only stand to gain. Warren has done nothing to plant new trees in
recent years. We have only been taking them down. It is one sobering
thought to see how many the city removes without replacing them, let
alone all the residents who do, and who do not replace them. Take a
look around and notice how many times this happens. Why chose to be a
part of the many problems that are created due to lack of trees? It’s
shameful that what takes several years to grow, is destroyed in a
matter of a few hours.

Forested urban neighborhoods was once our most appealing visual aspect
of our neighborhoods and it‘s pitiful that we risk losing this because
of the fool who says he doesn‘t want to rake leaves, or some other weak
excuse. Worse is when the tree gets removed by the one who thinks that
just because one tree fell, or had a branch fall off, that we must act
in a “Chicken Little-like” paranoid way and start cutting all of them
down for fear that the one in 50 million chance of someone walking by
when it may fall, will actually happen…and that this ideology based on
gripping someone in fear, takes precedence over all the major benefits
our neighborhood trees provide on a daily basis, that we take for
granted. Even if something like that DID happen, a property owner is
not likely to be held responsible for what would be construed by the
insurance community as an “act of God”

Lastly, please note that just because a tree is rotting from the
inside, does NOT mean that it is going to fall over… or that this is a
bad thing. For many trees this is a perfectly natural cycle of life and
does NOT necessarily warrant it’s removal.

For more information on the benefits of trees, please visit The
National Arbor Day Foundation on the internet at:

If after strongly considering all of the above, and you still think you
need to remove the tree, please plan on replacing it with a native

Thanks for your cooperation!
If you have any questions, please call me at 330-393-4448

R. Carillio


Off Shore Drilling Won’t Fix Fuel Prices

John McCain is apparently determined to do favors for the nearly 30 oil companies which have contributed to his campaign by promoting offshore drilling under the guise of it “lowering fuel prices.” He will use high fuel prices as a great opportunity to ram through the oil drilling agenda. He knows people are worried enough about fuel costs to make it the issue of election.

McCain knows for those who live in very auto-dependent areas, there is much worry about how you’re going to afford a work commute, get the kids to school…. or if your job requires a lot driving….well…. the answers seem clear to support offshore oil drilling—especially if your immediate alternatives are few. McCain knows people will be open minded to any possible solution which may help them in a crunch. As Move On Dot Org indicates, “McCain is preying on that anxiety by offering offshore drilling as a quick fix.” But will it help???

I don’t think it will help at all. Oil has already fetched this price here so why should it come down? I agree when Move On Dot Org stated in a recent email “Offshore drilling won’t fix gas prices or our dependence on foreign oil… there simply isn’t enough oil offshore or in the Arctic, and it will take up to a decade to get what little is there. Even then, we would only save 3 or 4 cents a gallon!”

What will reduce current fuel dependency? Well, as a country which could really stand going on a strict diet from an insatiable appetite for oil—we may want to reconsider how we use it in the first place before we demand more of it from the earth. If the earth were an IRS agent, we’d be audited for wasteful oil use. Let’s reconsider current use by asking ourselves questions like….”Are we wasting it by keeping 20 acres of suburban lawn in mow?” “Driving energy gluttonous vehicles?”…..”Obsessively using gas powered lawn equipment?”…. “Eating a diet that is highly oil dependent to produce?”

The way I see it, our government should be promoting an agenda that supports reducing dependence on OIL…(by promoting cleaner, greener, renewable sources) and not just reduce dependency on foreign oil. The current agenda only deepens dependence with our current oil appetite—and what little we get from offshore drilling, it will be used up faster than it can even go from the ground to the pump.

I also feel the offshore oil drilling agenda is nothing more than a means to break through much needed regulations in protecting our environment. If oil companies can succeed in breaking down the most protected areas in our natural world, then they have their foot in the door—and nothing is sacred. It’s not worth the environmental pollution risks to feed the coffers of a few for a short time—while at the same time do NOTHING to relieve higher fuel prices.

Drilling is not worth leaving heavy dirty footprints on last pristine areas on the globe—all so that, for example…. some 5′ 110 pound oblivious to the world woman can drive around in her SUV talking on her cell phone in a vehicle which has the capacity for 8……while her one passenger obese kid scarfs down a Happy Meal!!

The fuel we need lies in the fuel we waste and the alternatives we do not explore. With the money we are spending in Iraq right now, we could have developed a car which runs on Kool Aid! Lay off the drill because offshore drilling under the guise as fuel price relief is a behemoth of a scam!

Watch the ad below from Move On Dot Org


Buffalo New York – Nips Small Crimes In The Bud-Sees Reduction In Bigger Crimes

This is a great article about how nipping small crime related problems in the bud can reduce the bigger crimes. This story is from Buffalo New York. If you are concerned about community quality of life issues, please check this out! story/403639. html

Great Earth Friendly Products by Independent Businesses

I come across some great products all the time locally and nationally, mostly produced by smaller companies or independent businesses. Here are a few!

Great deodorant products!

Great natural soaps!

AND, see why the raw food diet for pets makes a lot of sense!

Lastly, some great home cleaning supplies!

Natural & Organic Food, Health & Nutritional Supplements & Natural Health Beauty Products. Buy everything from organic baby clothes to natural beauty products, herbs and eco-friendly cleansers with same day shipping at a discount at Ediblenature.

Remember, when you purchase such products, you help support local or independent business which preserves local economic identity. With all the clone zone franchises to chose from these days, why not try some products, goods, services, etc..which are unique and one of a kind? You will be helping to support businesses trying to do the right thing environmentally as well as help drive down the costs of the better products by slowly increasing the demand.

Most of these businesses I have spoken to wish to concentrate on creating products which emphasize on quality instead of quantity, so will continue to remain smaller enterprises. Check out your locals or independents today….Very often the quality, service and knowledge is superior and hence you save money in the long run by sparing yourself the runaround or disappointment!



Please take some time to see the efforts of this wonderful organization in South West Ohio. It is a great place to schedule a hike…rip the technology out of the ears and hands for a day (no ipods,cell phones please) and just let nature’s sounds and sights let you experience what you’ve been missing!

North American Native Fishes Association Weekend in Ohio’s Hocking Hills

I have attended quite a few of these fantastic weekends dedicated to showcasing the native aquatic habitats of North America. The link below is when myself and a well rounded cast of professional assistance, hosted the 2001 North American Native Fishes Association’s annual national convention. This event took a whole year to plan and was over in just a few short days. Guests traveled as far as Britain and the U.S. west coast. It will always be a great memory for me….

You Litter-You Pay….its time Ohio cracks down on this terrible habit!

Geauga Trumbull Solid Waste District is working with local Sheriff Departments and Health officials to crack down on littering and illegal dumping in their district. Litter laws are enforceable by local Sheriff’s departments and Police departments. For more information please see below…..

Shocking Show On Litter – 60 Minutes Australia

If this is what we are doing to the oceans…can you imagine what is happening on the small Great Lakes?

Posted by Angry Man In The Basement at 12:53 PM





Here is a fabulous world news source. When I was in Australia, I had to watch this station to find out more about what is happening in the USA–than I do when I watch our national news networks. Excellent reporting and stories with substance. No Britney and Ashton drama or Janet Jackson’s boob! Every day on SBS there is some kind of report on the environment. Reporting on such topics like the environment, for example, is rare in US News, hence probably why most people here still think climate change is a myth.

Photo: Mill Creek, Youngstown, Ohio

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