Meet Your Meat Video–Do you know how your food is produced?

I feel more people should be aware of how the food they’re eating is brought to their plate, as it used to be before the mega-industrialization of food. Since the industrialization of our food, most people have become completely oblivious as to how it is produced, what sacrifices are made by the land/environment—and the animals which in the end are consumed.

We are too used to seeing food all pretty packaged up in stores, or handed to us through a window. I Hope more people will learn how an inhumane system that produces for quantity only, will result in a negative impact on ourselves and the world. Which choice dietary choices will you make after you have educated yourself on this issue? 1.An unsustainable one which has a very negative impact on this planet’s resources and its inhabitants (ourselves)….or 2. One that will have a much much lesser impact?

Perhaps the following website and video will help you make this choice and inform you about how the food you love so much is brought to you.

Posted by Angry Man In The Basement at 3:49 PM