CLEVELAND STOREFRONT ART– Making Broad Brush Strokes!

Cleveland Storefront Art’s, “Adopt-a-Storefront” program—a vacant window makeover initiative targeting historical storefronts with efforts to make them more marketable through art–has caught the eye of a few area media sources as featured in the below links!

Hopefully, this program will continue to rescue empty storefronts awaiting new discovery for business that is functional to creating more pleasurable and safe walkable environments.

Additionally, the program helps foster recognition for local artists, and inspires unique new business to locate in one-of-a-kind business spaces. There are many benefits to a program like this to help establish a more positive atmosphere in any neighborhood. By “adopting-a-storefront”, those who display art in windows maintain the fronts on an ongoing basis, and thus, help to encourage better storefront routine maintenance!

See the links below to see how the program has gained attention!