Cleveland RTA: Please Gain Control Over Anti-Social Goings-On!

Regarding the RTA bus driver punching a rider, both individuals involved were wrong. It was inappropriate for the rider to continually provoke the driver. The driver was wrong to lose composure by punching her. An unruly customer should be immediately reported to transit security so that he/she may be escorted off the vehicle. I do not understand why the rider had to continually behave in such an in-your-face obnoxious manner instead of diffusing the confrontation and later consult with RTA of any grievance.

A driver who is placed in a position to be pushed over the edge should not be the only person punished. Beyond the debate that justifies the driver’s actions lies a broader revelation that RTA needs to do something to prevent such incidents from happening. Maybe the RTA uppercrust needs a scorning too. Neither an RTA employee or other passengers should be placed in a position to witness or deal with anti-social behavior.

RTA needs to exercise 0 tolerance for any such activity on their vehicles by passengers or operators. Such inappropriate behavior–which can be frequent on RTA vehicles and around stations–is a reason potential peaceful riders will chose to not support riding RTA. That behavior was simply unacceptable.


By the way, the video can be seen on You Tube or a host of other media sources just by searching “Cleveland Bus Driver Punches Woman”

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