Should Have Been Posted In July! Fireworks Madness!

Cacophony, obnoxious, idiotic, excessive, acoustic anarchy, illegal, obscene, intrusive, selfish, arrogant, unnecessary, dangerous, and invasive are some common adjectives which describe the incessant and ongoing fireworks noise that took place near the 4th of July weekend in Warren, Ohio. Celebrations for which the true meaning of the holiday has all but been forgotten in what has become a perverted interpretation of America’s “Independence Day”

Fireworks products which would only be available for commercial and professional exhibitions in recent years are now in the hands of every drunken ignorant human lifeforms that one can imagine. Hospital ER’s are clogged with either the stupid, or the victims of the stupid who should not even be allowed to breed much less possess explosives! Someone who really needs a Doctor has to wait for treatment of the irresponsible. I witnessed a group of good ‘ole folks allowing a child, which had to be no more then 5, light extreme bottle rockets!

I fail to see the excitement in what is really a minority group of feral people in numbers, unleashing what has become a form of audio-terrorism on a helpless public. Innocent babies and animals, young children, elderly, and even veterans of military services are forced to hear this crap long before the 4th of July, ON the night itself, and beyond! Some fools possessing fireworks just do not seem to know when to STOP! Such begs the question of what is so special about seeing any local organized event of fireworks anymore when similar products are now in the hands of a general public?

Most people, especially many police, (especially in Warren) do not understand–nor are informed as to the negative impacts of this type of noise on the community, psychologically, socially, economically, and environmentally; how it can lead to major issues to which they claim need most of their attention and resources. I What goes on in Warren, Ohio–or any other city or suburb, is a shameful violation of one’s right to peace, safety and comfort in their OWN home and represents yet another example of the erosion of any higher standards relating to quality of life issues in neighborhoods across the country. The right to “domestic peace and tranquility” guaranteed by the US Constitution all the pseudo-patriotic zealots say they love so much, seems so conveniently forgotten! If this abuse and excessive indulgence of fireworks is not abated, we may as well have open gunfire in the streets too! Who would know the difference anyway?

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