Storefront Makeover Opportunities For Downtown!

Press Release!

Attention Plain Dealer!

Let me tell you about “The Storefront Makeover Program” for downtown Cleveland!

There is currently a new program in operation downtown to enhance the visual appearance of empty historic storefronts. We are working with several local artists to offer building owners with storefront window space—completely free of charge—the opportunity to have their storefronts freshly made-over with tasteful art exhibits. Some will have themes of helping to foster a litter free/recycling mindset in our city, while others will be themed accordingly to property owners preferences.

The concept is nothing new, and in fact has been implemented in other cities as well as right here in Cleveland, however, we feel we could use a lot more of the concept downtown. The program, simply called as of now….“The Storefront Makeover Program” has been in operation for over a month and has gained enthusiastic support. The program will achieve many positives and offers a win/win/win scenario.

For the owner of the building, the program will make the space available for rent/lease much more marketable to potential occupiers of the space—as well as inspire onlookers as to just how classy a genuine and historic downtown retail space can look when displayed just the way they were in their heydays. A finished window display will exude life and activity, and such would be a great contrast to the typical empty storefront with dirty or whitewashed windows donning a “For Rent/Lease” which really is a testament to depression or difficult times.

Until the spaces are occupied with valid tenants, why should they be left to decay?
We are also confident that this program could be an important role in possibly deterring unwanted activity near the properties, as it portrays activity and occupancy of the space–especially at night, when the displays can be colorfully lit.

For the visitor and window shopper,
obviously there are the benefits. When visitors come downtown they tend to be polarized in “districts” and do not venture beyond them. By filling all the in-space between the districts with window displays, it will sort of act as a magnet to draw walkers to observe the displays.

Finally, for the participating artists, this program will offer free advertising for their art, and direct onlookers to places where they may be able to purchase their art. So, the program also potentially helps other businesses downtown. The retail spaces will be freshly cleaned inside and out, as well as the walks in front of the space. Anyone wishing to participate in the opportunity, and for further details should contact Vicky Poole or Robert Carillio at: 440-225-0723 or 330-393-4448

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