Gulf Oil Gush: When will we learn–What does it take?

Anyone paying attention yet?….

I often have wondered what will it take for people to start waking up to the realities of how much our environment is plundered everyday at the expense of, or in the name of profit. I have also thought that what good is the profit, if we have no world left to enjoy the fruits of good life that it supposedly bares in the first place? Nothing has slapped me in the face with these kinds of thoughts more than the Gulf Oil Gush (Hell of a lot more than a “spill”) catastrophe that continues to spew thousands of gallons of crude oil into the sea water ’round the clock now approaching a month and a half.

I am completely flabbergasted that for some people, even this event does not seem to spark even a sub-conscious thought in the back of their minds that we really need to curb the oil addiction, NOW. Are cheap happy meal toys, Sprawl-Mart STUFF, green lawns, meat with each meal, allowing the SUV’s to idle for moments on end (“S.U.V….”A.K.A. “Selfish Unaccountable Vice!”)—and the list could go on and on for many oil dependent acts/products—worth destroying that which sustains life itself? Perhaps we need to do a personal audit on ourselves to see how much our daily lives involve acts that can be connected to a frivolous use of oil, and maybe consider alternatives that would result in less consumption of this finite resource.

A gluttonous and insatiable appetite for such a limited fuel source that took millions of years to form, yet is used faster than it can be taken from the ground, will not be satisfied no matter how many holes we drill in the earth, as long as we waste it on crap we don’t really need. The same goes for any energy source. We need to start taking account of how we waste what the earth currently yields. To think we can continue to use oil or any resource with no accountability and recklessly is like expecting a 10 pound capacity bag to carry 50 pounds of potatoes.

What they save, we pay for….

The Gulf oil disaster is brought to you by not only an all too often and unnecessary hoggish appetite for fuel that humans have conditioned themselves to think they need—but also by unaccountable and irresponsible industry types who do not want to play by the rules, and will lobby tooth and nail against measures that demand for better safety and regulation standards that could possibly prevent such disasters as this oil gush—as well as lobby against any further risky fuel extraction endeavors that jeopardize both our future well being—as well as the planet’s of which we are connected. What such industries do not wish to pay for now, comes back to cost all of us so much more….economically, socially, and environmentally. Their short term profits become everyone else’s long term problems and costs. The classic externality.

You may have guessed correctly that I am thinking of the film documentary “THE CORPORATION”—And, since “the corporation” as so eloquently outlined in that production, wishes to be treated as “individuals” in our community—AND demand the same rights, then perhaps it is time they be punished for their crimes just as anyone else (“individual”) would be. With every fiber in my body and setting all news reports aside to use my own conscious, the Gulf disaster somehow violates every natural law of the universe, as well as every environmental law ever written. Yet, I feel in my bones that BP will somehow get away with it and eventually continue as business as usual. The fines will be considered a cost of doing business.

Furthermore, I have also heard the opinion floating around that suggests the incident is being projected in the mainstream news as something far worse than it is. But, while I tend to seek out alternative news sources from those such as “Faux” News, I witness a side that insists it is a lot WORSE than what we are being told. Again, setting all sources aside, I will use my own conscious and place my trust in information that is not orchestrated by a BP PR machine or any chamber driven entity that represents the interest of stockholders and not stakeholders.

How is this poison?….

As an avid naturalist, I do know a little bit about how the earth works myself, and I can tell you…this oil gush is in no way something that will simply cleanse itself in a short while. How it is poison, I describe like this: Just as the human body is one living organism, so is the earth. Just as the human body has substances contained within that are stable; such as what is traveling though our intestinal tract, so does the earth. The human body: Feces. The Earth: Crude oil. If I poke a hole in the human intestine and allow all that foul waste to escape in the rest of the body and contaminate the human body as a whole, then the same is analogous to poking a hole in the earth and allowing the otherwise—stable in its place—crude oil, to escape in the water. Get it?


I don’t think The O’Jays could have said it better. It is a sick and utterly pathetic testament to the de-evolution of the human sense of compassion, ethics, and moral responsibility to be good stewards of this world to have talked with many people about this and hear the concerns only rooted around somebody losing money. While granted, I feel for all the smaller family owned businesses that will suffer from the devastation, I am not about to cry an river of oil tear drops for BP and their stockholders and act as though they are our benefactor. Besides the small and independent local businesses that, again, I DO feel for….What about the scores of innocent animals that are suffering a painful death at the expense of what is ultimately about appeasing a disgusting out-of-control lifestyle that has not learned the meaning of the word “limits”

Our ability to exercise compassion for this world is what should be the one cornerstone and basic attribute that would warrant our position in this world as its care-takers. But when this is thrown out the window because of the dependence on money, I feel we are slipping into an oblivion of regression and chaos. Do we want to be the generation that will be looked upon as the plunderers who could have made a difference but chose not to? Time will tell of the grave repercussions of this disaster. I hope that this is well documented with photos that will say a thousand words. The kinds that may just help people pull the blinders away from their eyes. It will be difficult for any marketing or PR team to hide this one–Even as BP does not wish to have aerial photos taken! Makes you want to say “Hmmmm”

Just one other thought worth the quick mention….

Lastly, and in my extreme editorial opinion….I am in total disrespect and disgust in people like Sarah “Spill Baby Spill” Palin and Rush Limbaugh, who cannot resist the opportunity to turn this into a “Blame Obama and environmentalists” campaign, solely to further their own opinionated agenda. They have proven time and time again which beds they’re sleeping in, and that they are more interested in “being right” even if they’re WRONG…than doing what is actually RIGHT—“Right”, as long as it fills their bank accounts no matter what the expense…even if it is the entire Gulf Of Mexico or beyond. Their arrogance is only exceeded in size by this oil gush! Anyway, maybe Rush can invite Sarah over for dinner at his Florida home and they can dine on shrimp glazed with petroleum sauce…and drink black wine, vintage 10 million years! High tide is here…the oil should be washing in anytime. And Sarah, you’ll have plenty of dead animals to stuff. Shame on both of you. Your lies you pass as truth must stop. Maybe we ought to plug the leak with both of them!

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