Can a Global Market Contribute To Depression in People AND The Economy?

I would like to share an article today that someone shared with me. Somehow, it reaffirms an idea I always felt that when society becomes overly-dependent on the mega multi-national corporate and global economy scene, it contributes to crippling communities and their ability to be self-sustaining.

As I see it, the reliance also contributes to alienating us from local community connections that we, as communal and tribal beings we are by nature, need to stimulate our sense of purpose and function in our lives. In western influenced cultures, technologically we have advanced far more rapidly than our spirits, which still are in need of community and connection to each other. Without such, we are left unhappy searching for that sense of belonging in life; the sense of purpose. We mindlessly consume thinking that we can fill the void with “stuff” that can never replace what nature intended. As a result, the disconnection from nature, our roots and sustenance, in a world otherwise disguised in concrete and plastic leave us lost.

It is sad to notice in largely western influenced cultures, that its citizens can hardly fathom any other way to live, any other economic system, other than the model of reality they know–which is someone else’s idea so many of us have bought into. By relying on this economic scene that has “big corporation” housing, clothing, feeding, and employing us all…we cripple ourselves in the long run when we lack the knowledge and skills that create a true community where everyone has something to contribute for the betterment of the people, rather than the bottom line profit of the corporation.

When we build all life and economy around a few golden goose eggs that are a few corporate entities, we destroy the economic diversity (in what I refer to as an “economic ecosystem”) that breeds economic stability. As in nature, the more diverse the ecology is, the more stable. So it is evident in the economy as well. When these few entities that we have grown to rely on fall, all that is connected and reliant upon them fall as well. On the other hand, when the economy is diverse and dependent upon many…when one or two fall, we have several others to pick up the slack. Ultimately, I feel that reliance on a few for all we need or want, when they fall or fail, breeds the need for a social welfare system that corporate captains, supporters, and far right leaning politicians customarily loathe!

Take some time to read the article below. After reading it, you may question the global economic world in which you live, and how you see it, if you thought it was the panacea example of how to live.

The happiness fix
By Caitlin Howlett
G Magazine

A wider network = greater opportunity = a happier life, right? In fact, the more globalized our lives become, the sadder we are as a society. It’s time to embrace the notion of localized community living again to get that smile back on our dials.

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