In the video posted in the link at the end of this banter, it is commendable that President Obama has addressed the issue of oil company subsidy and record profits while so many people struggle to make ends meet–and as vital programs get scrapped in the name of “saving tax payers money”–but sad that he still has to coddle the oil industry by making the comment about being rewarded for their success….

Sad, only because somehow, someway, pro-oil, pro-polluter, and tea party-like ideologies will twist what he is saying in the video, into some rhetorical bull crap that hints at the tones of “He is ANTI-BUSINESS/AMERICA” And, in turn, such rhetoric is fixated in many minds only because we have been so dependent upon oil for so long, that it has become their GOD, with the company their benefactor, and so many cannot fathom ANY OTHER lifestyle that somehow can depend upon it much less. It is a typical smear tactic these days by hijackers of the Republican and Democratic Parties in The Corporate States Of America.

YOU TUBE COMMENTS: As usual, You Tube is a run way train wreck of short sighted and/or ignorant comments posted below the video by those who actually think they are being wise. They are missing the point that we need to trim the corporate welfare to huge oil companies and re-invest this money into renewable, cleaner energies. Someone will gain the fruits and bask in the glow of the benefits this economy will create. Will it be us? Or are we too stupid as a nation to see this? China will not be, so I guess they’re smarter than us.

The oil industry had its time to get all the subsidy it needed. Maybe its time they get off the stage. Now we need to invest in cleaner and renewable sources for a more sustainable future–and, so we are not at the mercy of oil companies. I want to add–that in light of many thinking we can solve this issue with domestic drilling–that drilling domestically will not drill our way out of a crisis.

We simply use and waste too much fuel too fast to risk putting our dirty footprint on the planet’s last great frontiers that are essential in supporting a healthy globe–to support healthy life. The Gulf spill is virtually a non-issue in the mainstream news right now, yet the damages it has done to the eco-system and economies that depend upon its health are suffering.

We have depended upon basically once source of fuel for so long, and as we phase out this burgeoning industry with newer, smaller, more progressive and diverse ones, promoting renewable energies, we will see affordable prices again.Oil should not have a monopoly on the worlds energy.

Lastly, I feel it is important to mention that for those in the US, despite oil companies making record profits, that for years we actually have been paying far too low for fuel prices—especially when you consider what the planet sacrifices to bring us that gallon of gasoline that we waste on frivolous things anyway. Many people are actually conditioned to think they “NEED” the amounts of fuel they are using.

I have witnessed time and again how wasteful people can be with existing energy. They mindlessly consume as if it were endless. And, having said this, I feel that in some way, and say with sarcasm, that Mother Earth will conduct an internal energy audit on the USA. She will yield no more finite fuels UNTIL, it has been re-evaluated how we are currently using existing resources.

Just some questions to ponder in the audit: Are you leaving lights on all over the house? Are you mowing your lawn 3 times a week? Are you having it sprayed with petro-based chemicals by trucks that use oil?… Are you using gas powered tools to do the work of what can often and easily be done by hand…such as blowing dust all over the neighborhood with a gas powered blower as you walk along the curb? (I mean REALLY? Since when has this become necessary? ONLY when a machine was invented to do it.) Are you supporting the flooding of domestic markets with cheap plastic crap by shopping at the big box store scene only? Are you driving when walking can easily be an alternative?

If anyone answered yes to the above, Mother Nature says she will yield no more energy. So, perhaps we need to focus on living more sustainably–and understand that such does not mean you will be compromising your lifestyle. In fact, many may discover the joy in less being more.

Now, with that said…

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