The Wrong Right–12 ingredients to creating a divided and numbed down nation!

They certainly are not your Grandfather’s Republican party! They’re so far off the deep end…so far right they’re WRONG in an extremely ugly way! A little tongue-in-cheek humor helps lighten the mood through the madness. I hope their “followers” or sheep, someday stop drinking that Jim Jones cool aid!

I have listed below, what in recent years, I have observed to be the typical right extreme formula for dividing the nation, hiding truth, and creating an ever growing dumb and numb populace: (Disclaimer: By “right extreme”, I mean the wack jobs like Sarah Palin who have hijacked the Republican party and operate in its name like abortion clinic bombers pose as “Christians!”…throw in Newt too…who maybe should stick to something which can be far more respectful and patriotic in life like posing as an aging Bob’s Big Boy in an Americana Icon Museum…instead of supporting policies that lead to obliterating all life on the planet!)

I find it to be the best definition of immoral unethical, and downright deceptive there ever was. Oh, and I am sure I left out an important ingredient or two to create the recipe for the most gullible and numbed down populace on the planet—And, I am sure many of you can come up with many more ingredients so please share…. but the following are just some that come off the top of the mind.

  1. First and foremost, convince yourself that world history begins with YOU…9-11 and within the confines of America!

    2. Be more interested in “BEING right”, than actually doing what is right and make sure you reserve time for worship—each day of the week for the Gods of Truth: O’Riley, Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, and Hannity!

    3. Buy all the media sources and then get the flock to believe that there is a “liberal media bias.”

    4. Get rural and religious America on your side by striking the same rhetorical chords over and over again that appeal to their heartland rooted spirituality by telling them how much you love baseball, the NRA, hotdogs, apple pie, family values, Chevrolet, the Bible, and the flag…tell them you will solve their problems, BUT NEVER tell them at WHAT cost, because they might just figure out that your political and economic policies actually do NOTHING for the better moral and economic interests of heartland America!
    5. Get the masses addicted to fast food, the boob tube and sports as all that is meaningful in their lives.

    6. Yell louder than the other guy and keep repeating lies until people start believing them, including yourself!

    7. Alter the facts to fit dogmatic opinions, rather than alter the opinions to fit the facts…and included in this rule is to also deny any accusation no matter how guilty as hell you may be…and then convince people that George Bush had a justified reason to throw their Mother into a pot of boiling water, so the numbed down masses can go on supporting such a person.

    8. Have no regard for the environment upon which we and the economy depends—because when it is gone, no one will know the difference, OR… why our very bodies, minds and spirits depended upon it anyway, right? We’ll simply make a drug for treating all the woeful as a result and make even more money!

    9. When asked direct questions and you cannot answer them, stray the conversation off topic until you can blame “Those evil Liberals”…OR, if you live in Cleveland, make sure you blame Dennis Kucinich for all the reasons life in America has gone wrong, and even for your ED problem! (Disclaimer: Be sure to forget about the fact that America and the liberation from the British Empire was in no way a “conservative” movement!).

    10. If rule number 9 fails, resort again, to going off topic…and divisive name calling, labeling, or catch phrases approved by Rush himself, such as “Those evil Liberals are a cancer to America!”

    I guess you can throw “TREE HUGGERS” in the mix too, because you will need to understand how much a healthy clean environment will pose a threat to us all.. (Shhhhh…don’t tell anyone that “ALL” means our socially unaccountable mega-corporate polluters!)

    11. “Starve the Social Beast” (Disclaimer: But be totally oblivious to the fact that when you do such, you will very likely often breed the need for that same beast you say you hate in the first place!)

    12. If none of the above works, simply holler…Heee Hawwww.. This is America…if you don’t like it.. LEAVE”… as the ideology and wisdom of “love it or CHANGE it” is not an option.

    Yep, all the above and more is what we get when we become so duped into thinking the mega multi-national corporate figures like Monsanto, McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, or Donald Trump is our benefactor… and that we cannot possibly live without them, OR any other way, for that matter. The resulting recipe is a time when when what is probably more truth and reality has been twisted to sound more like the B.S. …while which is likely more the B.S. is spun around to sound more like the truth!

    Well, as Edward would say, Good Night and Good Luck!

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