It seems that a lot of people cannot shake the sometimes negative image the word “Cleveland” evokes. Whether the image stems from some of the people who have resided in the area for a lifetime and have seen the ups and downs and are still true to their hometown—or whether the image comes from those who have heard negative things from people who heard it from some people who haven’t even been here–much less took the time to explore the region, this perception is more often than not, greatly exaggerated and often undeserved.

While I am not suggesting this city is without flaw or problems which need be addressed, in no way are any of them endemic to Cleveland alone. I think our biggest enemy is the self esteem issues many Clevelanders inherit about their city which seem to get passed on from person to person via what comes mostly from hearsay—until the point people start believing the bad things they hear and just accept things as they’re told. But shouldn’t we

I, on the other hand have always been an independent thinker, and never followed the crowd or believed something just because everyone was repeating what they heard like parrots mimicking sounds. Rather, I have been an explorer of the myriad of surprises and treasures we possess in all that surrounds the arts, local history and culture existing right before our eyes. I have uncovered a place that was really one of the major wheels that got this country rolling, yet who‘s role in doing so seems confidently forgotten. I took the time leering about the area, its history and its contributions to society. I have learned about our wonderful natural parks and landscapes, museums, the cultural diversities, architecture , many famous persons, and much more.

I sometimes discover blogs on the internet produced by proud enthusiastic individuals who love and are proud to call Cleveland and surrounds their home. They have taken the time to explore and discover what a lot of people aren’t aware of. So, if you are someone who thinks ’east is least and west is best’, I invite you to visit the blog below and read about what an interesting place Cleveland really is–a very underrated city and metro area.

Cleveland is amongst one of many of the nation’s ’original big cities’ — and just looking at the street grid/layout of the city, and the many fine remaining examples of original architecture and parks, one realizes it was a place built by those philanthropists and first industrialists who had a grandiose vision to leave behind a city that would last for all times—as well as a place people could be proud to call home. The blog below is one of the finest I have encountered of stories about “All Things Cleveland“ which is what it is called. If you plan a visit here, this blog can be very informative!

Posted by Angry Man In The Basement at 7:46 PM