America, there is more to the world than Disney!

Uhhh…yes, a big problem with most Americans for too long is that they have little if any worldly sense. I mean…. our lifestyles have such a huge, and mostly negative impact on this world and each other, yet we know very little about the world in which we share and impact. As long as we GOT our cheap “STUFF”, right? Sure, we want good neighbors living next to us, but we seldom seem to apply that logic on a global sense–as in being a good neighbor in the world community!

Far too many of us seem to think we’re entitled to do as we wish as long as we can pay for it…and no matter who or what it offends or hurts. And so… while most of America knows little beyond the trailer park or outside the confines of Wal-Mart, our grand and austere east and west coasts are not exempt from this ideology either.

Its true…because eventhough their butt holes are indeed plated with gold…..If you live there as an outsider, you might find that many folks do not even fathom the idea of “the rest of their own country”…… let ALONE…the rest of the whole world! Yes, it is a very sad thought most Americans do not even posses a passport to the world in which their perverted version of capitalism so gravely impacts–and who’s idea of “world travel” is riding the “ITS A SMALL WORLD” ride at Disney World! Even more a pity, most do not have the courage or humbleness to admit all of this and would rather go on fighting the good blind fight to defend stupidity. Heeeeee Haaaawwwww!!!

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