Gardens Under Glass Re-Source Center: Ideas and Gifts Promoting Sustainable Lifestyles!

The Gardens Under Glass Re-source and Education Center is now open at the magnificent Galleria mixed-use complex in downtown Cleveland! The Re-Source Center is the “branch” of the main tree and cornerstone project at Gardens Under Glass–which is the year-round development of urban agriculture.

In this newly transformed space created with over 95% recycled materials and/or donations of re-used items, you will find a myriad of ideas, displays, and unique gift products which promote sustainable lifestyles. Looking for a really unique gift idea for a loved one? You have got to check out this place! Additionally, everything the center carries helps to sustain local and or independent merchants–which in turn, helps to promote a more economically self sustaining city.

The room features a focus on three components of the biosphere, air, land, and water—and promotes products and/or ideas that when implemented by the consumer, can result in the cleaner and healthier of those three components upon which we depend for our own existence. Whats more, the patron gains an enlightened knowledge of how purchases as a consumer can either have a heavier or much lesser impact on our world–and a more positive one on our local economy.

At the Gardens Under Glass Re-Source Center, there will also be featured events and workshops open to the public that may focus on cooking with seasonal and local produce, self healing through herbs and better diet, hydroponics and aquaponics, and an introductory entertaining presentation about local river and stream habitats, their lesser known fishes….and their conservation through more thoughtful agriculture.

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