What Does Superman And Cleveland Have In Common?

I was never a huge comic book action super hero fan. More so, I find interest in the nostalgic aspect of old comic books and periods where most of the technology we depend upon today for entertainment was absent. I admire the time when using the imagination would lead us to all kinds of adventures outside and inside—Inside, especially on a rainy day, when younger kids may have whipped out their latest comic book to read about the continuing adventures that would have greed and bad facing off with the good with so many super hero characters to chose from!

Probably the most popular super hero of all time, the one whom many movies, television series, books, and spin-offs were created—even to this very day would have to be ‘the man of steel’ A.K.A. Superman! Over several years, Superman has gained worldwide acclaim and adoration as the protector of our world from all that is wrong. While in the story, we all know that Superman was from a distant and extremely advanced world on a planet called “Krypton” He fled the planet searching for a new world on the verge of his planet’s destruction and luck would have it that he found planet Earth. He began a life here working as a newspaper reporter under the disguise as the shy mannered ‘Clark Kent’ for the ‘The Daily Planet’

Most of us know the story of Superman’s birthplace in fiction. How many are aware that his real birthplace was not in some far off exotic place—in fact, far from it… and was a lot closer than you think. He was born right here in North America in Cleveland, Ohio more than 70 years ago in the Cleveland neighborhood of Glenville. Superman was the result of the imagination’s of two Glenville High School students, writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Schuster.

Recently, efforts have been pushed forward to restore the original home of Jerry Seigel and eventually create a city landmark that would attract interest from around the world. It is already marked as a city historical landmark home. The house could be a place where Superman fans from everywhere, and all walks of life can get a glimpse of where the story all began–and to say thanks for saving the world from greed and destruction so many times as Superman does! While visitors come to Cleveland, they may want to travel downtown to get a glimpse of the art deco styled building, the AT&T Huron Road Building (SBC/Ohio Bell formerly), which is said to be the influence for The Daily Planet building where Clark Kent worked as a reporter.

To read more about the restoration of the Superman home, there is a myriad of information on Google from NPR news to local blogs like this one…to magazine and website articles from around the world—or, you can start by reading the following great article in The New York Times.


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