A fellow colleague of mine involved in the anti-noise pollution movement who has worked ever so diligently to restore reasonable peace in the neighborhoods, recently had the following article to express about the problems boom cars are creating in neighborhoods across the country. Shame on the manufacturers of such who promote the kind of anti-social behavior which tears at the very fabric of societies–our neighborhoods.


It’s five minutes after three in the morning and here you come, booming and thumping down my street, rattling my windows, shaking my doors, and making sure, as you cruise by ever so slowly, that no one sleeps while you’re on the prowl. My double-paned thermal windows are closed, my ear plugs are in, but there is no defense against your invasion. Love those lyrics, too – the one four-letter combination that functions so conveniently as verb, noun, gerund, participle – the one-word-serves-all approach for the poet of limited vocabulary.

You are breaking the law, violating the peace, damaging your ears and those of the helpless babies you strap like sacrifices into the rear seats of your tricked-out cars. In 4 or 5 years your hearing will start to go but you won’t notice because you live life so loud all the time, it won’t be a problem to just ratchet up the decibels another notch or two. Your children will go to school with impaired hearing and learning disabilities because your selfish addiction to loud is more important to you than their wellbeing.

All over the country police departments strain to respond to complaints for what used to be soothed over with an apology, a polite request, a little courtesy. Tax dollars now go to field a constant barrage of angry citizen complaints, night and day, because no one any longer gets a good night’s sleep, or keeps a thought in his head at the computer, or enjoys his front porch or even his back yard because of your relentless barbaric yawp. Whole towns have lost their sense of self because of you and your unholy racket.

Hospitals, school zones, libraries — these are all the same to you. You do not discriminate. Everyone gets to suffer.

Car alarms go off. Babies wake up shrieking in the night. The sick and the dying call out, “Make it stop, make it stop.” Sensitive humans find themselves with nausea, trembling, chest pain, a racing heart; blood pressures soar. Innocent animals are frightened. Police, fire, and EMT vehicles go unheard by you at intersections because you’re too busy imposing your little hobby on those who never asked for it, in your roving night club! Yes, you do good work. You are efficient, you are thorough, and above all you are as constant as the morning star – we can all go to bed every night confident that you will come by, regular as the newspaper carrier and the mail man, but a whole lot louder.

And should you get a ticket, how you scream! It’s freedom of speech! you bark. I have a right! you shout. I paid a lot of money for this system and I’m going to use it! you protest. You resent being picked on, singled out, noticed. But if you don’t want all that attention, why are you making so much noise?

Why are you making so much noise? Do you feel unloved? Unwanted? Unsuccessful? Unnoticed? Do you have to call attention to yourself to be sure you’re really here? Or maybe you’re just young and foolish and think making a big racket is just harmless fun. Whatever your reasons, noise obviously works for you, satisfies you, makes your life worth living. And the rest of us, well who cares, right? It seems you use your so called ‘freedoms’ to hurt and not help others–and you actually think you’re entitled to do what you do. It seems the angrier we get, the more pain we feel, the happier you are. And that is good enough for you.

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