Obama–The Breath Of Fresh Air The US Desperately Needs

As I watched election night unfold I must admit there were moments I had a notion that John McCain would pull ahead or near with Barack Obama in the electoral votes. It was about the time when the east was awaiting vote tallies from the west. I thought OK, we did our job over here—now come on west, we need some support out there. I thought this especially in light of Ohio finally turning blue, a major hurdle and victory for the Obama campaign.

Both these campaigns fought long and grueling affairs so I figured the final outcome of the race would be close. But when the west tallies started coming in, and blue started to color the western map, I began to believe that this country still had some hope for not only planting the seeds to cultivate needed change here—but I also had hope that we would gain the kind of respect as a world community member this country so desperately needed after what I saw as 8 years of a corrupt and shameful administration. Sure, all administrations had their share of corruption—but the one we have endured for the last eight years has brought the word to a whole new level.

Barack Obama surely has a shipload of crisis to deal with upon starting his administration. The economy, education, health care, crime, poverty, the environment and so on—-But in these difficult times, I think what people saw in Obama was a guy who talked to them—not at them. He reached out to everyone and listened to their concerns no matter what age, race, socio-economic level and promoted a union of the nation to solve problems by listening to all—and not division by seemingly listening or appealing to one half only.

Throughout the campaign, I began to listen to him and to be honest, he just made a lot of sense to me in which direction this country should be heading locally and internationally as a world example setter and leader. As his campaign victory was sealed by clinching it with the 270 needed electoral votes, I began to feel chains broken of the kind of mental imprisonment for simply too long, made me feel our country was more a bully on the block, than a welcomed neighbor.

I think Barack Obama is going to make a great President. I feel even those who may not have supported him so much now—or who were undecided, can put away the kind of fears that hold us back from evolving as a nation—and will discover what I have noticed about this guy.

In light of the Obama win, I feel John McCain gave a most humbling speech. I thought his urging of some of his supporters to refrain from shouting remarks of frustration really said something about his integrity–and in facet, with this speech, gained a degree of admiration and respect for him from me. I think he will work now to unite the country again with Obama—and stop the kinds of division that would cause this nation to crumble in so many ways—and from becoming a nation of haves and have- nots.

I feel Barack Obama will be the kind of President the US needs is because he really seems to be in touch with people from all walks of life—and articulate himself as a leader if integrity, which projects locally and abroad. I feel he will set the stage to give this country a new chance for a new economic beginning that nurtures the economy from the ground up. From the ’ground up’ is how the economy originally grew, and for too long , it has been a concept that has been ignored through the promotion of the failing trickle down economic theory. In other words, Main Street survived long before there was ever a Wall Street.

The economy was grown from the roots of the many independent and family owned businesses. By creating such an economic environment will set a stage here that has people less depending on big business to employ us all, thus breeding the economic diversity that will breed stability. More people will be able to compete as independent businesses and make a living for themselves. Environmentally speaking, I feel we will be a country that relies much less on oil, not just foreign oil—but OIL–in that new alternative energy ideas will be introduced. There will be many jobs created in the new age of cleaner, greener fuels, and our environment will be better off.

On election night 2008, I think America finally grew up and is ready to leave behind a path of destructive division–socially, economically, and environmentally.

See Obama’s victory speech:

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