I have been doing all I can to generate attention to a very under-recognized form of environmental pollution; noise! Excessive noise impacts our communities in more negative ways than you may realize: Economically, environmentally, socially—and it also affects personal health and safety. Lately, I have written a letter to a local community radio station in the hope that the topic will be covered.

Our country faces a national growing plague of ‘audio-terrorism’ that is robbing people everywhere of their personal right to peace in their own home, or even something as simple a good night’s rest.

Sadly, a lot of the noise we have to endure these days at the neighborhood level stems from individuals who do not seem to know the meaning of exercising common sense and manners in a communal setting—and also seem to feel it is their “right” to make as much noise as they want—under the guise of “freedom”. But at the same time, these individuals are forgetting the fact that when someone does not exercise responsibility with their “rights” then their “rights” are no longer a right–and that no one has the right to impose their personal self indulgence upon others without their conc=sent. The old saying sums it up: “Your “rights” end where mine begin!”

Lastly, I wonder who will pay the price of the physical damages noise can do to a body–when the damages become a physical disability. What are your thoughts. Review some of the material below and get informed about noise pollution.

Here is my letter to a local radio station to promote the noise topic as a possible idea for a show topic.

Dear WNIR,

I have a show idea. Excessive NOISE POLLUTION! I am a representative of a national group that deals with excessive noise pollution problems and their under-recognized negative impacts on our community—socially, economically, environmentally…AND on our personal physical health and safety in so many ways. I am confident once you review the material, you may want to consider this a topic for a show in the near future.

Here is a public radio station that did a show on such. Click where it says “listen to the show”

Also, here is a You Tube video about a specific growing noise problem from boomcars, which has communities across the nation re-writing the ordinances to deal with this very in-your-face and physically damaging form of noise.

Please review the material and get back to me. Lastly, for more information on the topic, see or

Robert Carillio

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