The following letter sent to a Cleveland City Councilman:

Dear Councilman,

As I am aware of the new “going green” efforts of Cleveland and other cities, I am amazed at the contradiction to this agenda in the simplest way as walk Cleveland and witness the uses of commercial lawn chemicals on public lawns. “Going Green” does not mean wasting resources (water, oil, etc) on efforts to keep a lawn un-naturally green all year ’round with petrol-based chemicals all containing long time known carcinogens according to EPA data.

Cities like Toronto, Buffalo, Minneapolis and others–as well as a host of countries throughout the world, have banned such toxins for mere cosmetic uses in their communities because of the health risks they pose to people and water resources. It is really disturbing that currently, we are applying more of such chemicals to lawns than on crops!

Cleveland cannot be “green” and continue the uses of these unnecessary products. Please consider the many harmless alternatives. Below is an article I wrote about these products on my website. The information is valid should you want to research it. It is scary enough to see the public abusing these products, let alone the city, which should be setting a much more progressive alternative example. This would stimulate the creation of more jobs in the area of environmentally friendly landscaping alternatives–and their ARE alternatives to Cleveland jumping on the outdated band wagon of using lawn chemicals.

Ohio City-Cleveland Resident

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