Cleveland Needs World Class Public Aquarium

Photos: Lake Erie Sunset and Harbor/Downtown

Cleveland has long been in need of a world class attraction that would sever the often perceived image as just a sports, blue collar, and party town–to one of more cultural and world class influences. Sure, we have the fine museums, hospitals, zoo, theaters, metro-parks, and such—but one complimentary element that is missing, that could be the crown jewel of these attractions and a draw to the waterfront, would be a new state of the art world class public aquarium.

Aside from being a fun and awe-inspiring visual attraction, such a facility would raise much needed public environmental education and attention about not only the significance of our own Great Lakes Region—and how the way we live impacts it….. and ultimately us, but will demonstrate the same about aquatic eco-systems of the entire planet!

Below is a website which outlines the whole project. Please show your support for this project by passing around this information and sending letters of support to the site and to your local elected representatives.

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