I am always someone who appreciates nostalgia especially when it comes to something like OLD VINTAGE POST CARDS! I love looking at places used to look. I also find charm in the artwork on many of the postcards which were illustrated by post card artists! This used to be a big business back in the days before there were many cameras around. The links I am including below feature many Cleveland area post cards. Browse these sites and have fun taking a stroll back through time. Notice the architecture, the streetcars, the street lighting and landscaping, the people, all of which evoke a bygone era–a seemingly simpler time at least by today’s living standards.

I think about then and now when I look at these postcards. In some ways, today’s urban environment has improved and in others I feel it has not. For example, in the case of the environment, while we may have seen improvement in the air, lakes and rivers from the industrial wastes spewed into the environment when Cleveland was the nation’s multi-industrial behemoth….these days we may have other less obvious forms of pollution doing just as much if, not more environmental harm, such as auto emissions and the excessive urban uses of lawn chemicals running off into our water. Anyway, share some comments and share with me ways you think times have improved or not improved, economically, socially or environmentally.

On the lower site, it is interesting to read the comments people wrote on the cards! Also see the video tour of old post cards of Cleveland below:

Have fun!

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