Great Earth Friendly Products by Independent Businesses

I come across some great products all the time locally and nationally, mostly produced by smaller companies or independent businesses. Here are a few!

Great deodorant products!

Great natural soaps!

AND, see why the raw food diet for pets makes a lot of sense!

Lastly, some great home cleaning supplies!

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Remember, when you purchase such products, you help support local or independent business which preserves local economic identity. With all the clone zone franchises to chose from these days, why not try some products, goods, services, etc..which are unique and one of a kind? You will be helping to support businesses trying to do the right thing environmentally as well as help drive down the costs of the better products by slowly increasing the demand.

Most of these businesses I have spoken to wish to concentrate on creating products which emphasize on quality instead of quantity, so will continue to remain smaller enterprises. Check out your locals or independents today….Very often the quality, service and knowledge is superior and hence you save money in the long run by sparing yourself the runaround or disappointment!


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