Letter About Litter To Frito Lay


Here is a letter I sent to Frito Lay about finding their litter all over the neighborhood. Wait until you see their response! 

Dear Frito Lay,

We are writing to you on behalf of our local neighborhood block club group in Cleveland, Ohio about the concern for litter. As we organize a neighborhood litter clean up once per month, we have assembled an inventory of the types of litter which accumulates. A great portion of this litter comes courtesy of your customers discarding empty bags of Cheetos, Funions, Doritos, Potato Chips and just about every other .25 cents snack product you offer.

We are currently trying to initiate a “do not litter” mentality in local schools since much of this litter comes from school kids walking home after school who do not exercise the common sense or responsibility to put litter in its proper place. If we can reduce some of this litter it would make a great impact on improving the visual aspect of a neighborhood trying to revitalize itself. Quite frankly, we are tired of seeing Frito Lay products as the biggest part of our litter problem.

We are therefore writing to ask just as you have made your products look ‘cool’ to eat with characters such as Chester Cheetah and the like, you make it look equally cool to NOT throw litter on the ground by posting it clearly on your packaging---perhaps a caption over the head of Chester Cheetah informing your customers that it’s NOT cool to litter---and to please place the bags in a proper trash bin. Other packages can promote the same….clear and easy to see and read.

It’s a shame as example setters in this world today we now have to remind people to do what common sense used to dictate, but sadly this is how it has become. Much of this litter gets washed into our lake and near our lake shore where it harms aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. Community wise, it is a contributing factor to declining property value. Many of us are volunteering daily to clean up what essentially has Frito Lay as a part of the problem.

As we will do our part in promoting personal responsibility via the schools, we would like to ask as the number one litter source in our neighborhood, Frito Lay show a bit of leadership in doing their part in helping to set a better example of why we should not litter, as outlined in our suggestions above. Maybe you can even think of a better approach for yourselves, but at least it will show your company gives a darn about this problem. You can write back to us at the following address:

Franklin Clinton Block Group
c/o Rob Carillio

We look forward to your response!

Robert S. Carillio
Franklin Clinton Community Block Group - Cleveland, Ohio

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