Got Noise Problems In Your Neighborhood?

Excessive and unnecessary noise is often the number one complaint police departments receive on a daily and nightly basis in communities of all sizes all across the nation. In fact, there is little escaping acoustic assault these days no matter where you move—and noise, is among the top reasons people move out of any given area, city, suburb, or rural.

To learn more about the ill health impacts of noise pollution on your communities quality of life, property value, and even personal physical health, visit the following web sites to learn more. Drop me a line if you have a noise problem you cannot seen to do anything about and I will answer you personally with ideas on how to mitigate the problem.

I will also be posting a 24 minute talk radio style discussion about Boom Car noise pollution as a bonus. You may download this discussion and make copies of it for educational uses in dealing with this particular kind of noise pollution in your community. To learn about why this is a particularly dangerous kind of noise, or just exactly what a “Boom Car” is, see Lower The Boom Dot Org listed below.

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