I submitted this OP-ED to The Plain Dealer Commentary Section. 

In a perfect world the idea of “re-connecting” Cleveland’s citizens with access to its lakefront–a sentiment often expressed by community leaders, planners and activists–is surely noble and necessary.

However, such “re-connection” must also accompany understanding the significance and importance of the lake’s bio-integrity. If not, then the flood gates will open to more abuse and degradation that our once pristine but still recovering Lake does not need.

The abuse of which I write about is courtesy of the filth that nearby visitors and many residents leave behind. The current lack of understanding or care for such matters is clear every time I am close to the waterfront. Our waterfront is visually filthy with debris–and all coming from human activity and disregard for our environment as well as our everyday fellow citizens.

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Thoughts Dedicated To The Roadkill Slaughter Of Animals

To all the animals who are victims of vehicular murders….some unavoidable while many others go purposely perpetuated by careless and unconscious minds….

You were going about your daily routine for survival….
You frolicked and played with your brothers and sisters….
You breathe in the clean forest air and bask in the warmth of meadow sunlight and smell sweet fragrances of wildflowers….
You find food to share with your family…
You feel it is wonderful to be alive….

One day as night begins to fall, you follow a way…an instinct that your ancestors have been following for generations….
The path leads you to the loud and intimidating sound of huge machines roaring past you at high speeds….
The machines follow this long and straight smooth and wide trail made of stone….
You attempt to cross this scary place as its the only way you know how to get home, or perhaps find some food….

Suddenly, out of nowhere, lights blind you…
You are so surprised and stunned that you freeze in your path while looking up….
You know nothing of what is about to happen….
You are suddenly hit on the side of your legs…
You fall to the ground wounded as you cannot get up….
In excruciating pain you try desperately to walk…but you fall…
You are covered in blood….

You lay half conscious still sensing those huge machines whisking by at high speeds…
You lay lonely and frightened…breathing rapidly, heart racing…
Your body tenses up in intense pain and fear….cold and lonely gasping for air….
What did I do, you ask?
What am I experiencing, you sense to wonder….
All I know is that I am terrified, I hurt and am wishing I was at home with my family and friends…. I have a nest to attend..a home…

Those machines do not stop….they do not offer to help me….
What are they?
We never hurt another for fun or carelessness…
You lay there helpless…..
Just make me feel better….
I want to go home….

Now, will you, the driver, be the one out of thousands whipping by either not noticing, turning a blind eye, or thinking this creature is already dead while you sit cozy and comfy in your car?

Will you be one of the ones who says… “Its just another bit of roadkill?”

Will you be one of the ones who refuses to acknowledge the animal had a life that counted and was important to the web of life?

Will you be one of the ignorant that thinks hitting animals on the highway is a natural thing?

Will you be just one more fool who thinks the ever increasing assault on our natural world is something we’re entitled to do perhaps because of your dedication to the ideology of profit today and who cares about tomorrow?….or because you have interpreted your God’s words as placing you above all other life?

Or, maybe you will be the one who carries the common excuse of “I don’t have the time” OR….will you be the ONE, who actually stands up and gives a damn and says enough is enough already…this is just wrong…..

Make your choice.

TAG: This post is dedicated to the little squirrel pictured at the top–we tried to rescue–that although not killed by vehicular traffic, was attacked by a domestic cat. Allowing pets to harass native wildlife is another story in itself.

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