BOSTON BOMBING–Hardly “Terrorism”

Witnessing the sensational reactions of the mainstream news media as well as all the flags flying at half staff over this so called “Terror In Boston” it seems America just loves to throw pity parties for itself and behave in such a way that suggests our pain is always the worst. This isolated incident in Boston, has been molded into some kind of “attack on America” Immediately following the event, news screens on television posted in epic style fonts, headlines that resembled a Towering Inferno movie poster! It played like a bad script that once again, many gullible, self-centered Americans will embrace as a reason the world should feel sorry us–or worse, possibly a reason to wager an invasion on another country! The song “Dirty laundry” by Don Henley comes to mind.

I am waiting for the next chapter to somehow connect this incident with the Middle East, or “Terrorism!” WHY is this being called “terrorism?” Is it because the rating hungry conservative corporate owned media knows this word–which has been repeated a billion times over ten years–seems to resonate so well with paranoid Americans who stand a better chance of being eaten by Jaws in a gold fish bowel than being attacked by a terrorist? Calling this “terrorism” is like calling a blood type needle prick a fatal stabbing!

Let’s forget about the hundreds of thousands killed daily here and abroad over unspeakable atrocities, or how corporations pollute our environment daily with products that should be banned–but are allowed to exist under the guise of “commerce” and “Free Enterprise”–and instead, let’s create a 911 style atmosphere for a few casualties in Boston. Such daily incidents in Iraq courtesy of US occupation are called “Collateral Damage” and contain such horrors involving innocent people of all ages, that are conveniently hidden from the American public’s eye. Are we so arrogant, blind, and myopic that we actually believe “they” do not matter?

As I see all the attention given to this incident with the flag waving and news coverage–and how it has been blown out of proportion much larger than any bomb, I cannot help to think that such reactions are playing right into the hands of the perpetrators and doing EXACTLY what they want. When will America, the land of the so called brave with so many gripped in fear, will ever learn how they are played like a fiddle.

My heart goes out to the families who have either had anyone injured or lost in this terrible incident, but let’s still keep it in perspective. Let’s ask if anyone here crying over this outside those families has ever cried a tear for this kind of incident which is a daily occurrence somewhere else? Do not call yourselves ‘compassionate” or tell me I am being heartless if you have not!

Being from Ohio, I also have to ask if this incident would have been made into such a major deal if it happened in Cleveland or maybe Detroit? OR, do we have to do as we are told and cry for our precious New Yorks or Bostons? We have become such a delusional nation that has also become so “UN-critically” thinking or questioning….and its time we stop running from our own shadow!

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