Got Litter? Ohio Litter Laws

Isn’t it time we remind some of the careless public that there are litter laws and they CAN be enforced? Here are Ohio’s laws as posted on ODNR’s website.

Ohio Litter Laws

Under Ohio law, litter is any trash thrown, discarded or dropped by a person onto public property, private property not owned by the individual, or into Ohio’s waterways. The Ohio Revised Code prohibits littering, regardless of whether or not it was intentional. Numerous laws prohibit littering and illegal dumping.

Littering is a serious offense, punishable by fines of up to $500 and 60 days in jail. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) is committed to keeping Ohio clean and beautiful.

There are many kinds of littering offenses; the following is a brief overview of Ohio’s major litter laws.

Littering and Illegal Dumping

ORC 3767.32

Dumping waste, such as discarded trash, oil, appliances, scrap tires, furniture and other items, on private or public land and waterways is strictly prohibited by Ohio law. In addition to being unsightly, illegal dumps can pose health and safety hazards to people and wildlife. Ohioans must use licensed disposal facilities and insist that contracted waste haulers dispose of trash safely and legally.

ORC 3767.32 also prohibits unauthorized persons from knowingly placing litter and household wastes in a private litter/trash receptacle, unless he or she has authorization to use the litter/trash receptacle or the waste materials were generated on the public property where the receptacle is located. This protects property owners from having to pay for wastes illegally dumped into their litter/trash receptacles.


Littering from a Motor Vehicle

ORC 4511.82

Littering from a motor vehicle can result in fines of up to $100, depending upon the seriousness of the offense. For casual littering from motor vehicles, law enforcement officers can issue tickets, just as they do for other traffic violations. The driver of a motor vehicle can also be held responsible for litter discarded onto the roadway by passengers.

Littering from a Watercraft Vessel

ORC 1547.49

This law is similar to littering from a motor vehicle law. No operator or occupant of a vessel, regardless of intent, may discard or deposit litter in any Ohio waters. The operator of a watercraft vessel can also be held responsible for allowing litter to be dropped out of the vessel.

Unsecured Load

ORC 4513.31

This law requires vehicles transporting materials that could escape, leak or drop be designed to remain inside the vehicle at all times. In addition, vehicles loaded with garbage, solid waste or other unsanitary materials that are susceptible to blowing or bouncing out, cannot be driven unless their contents are sufficiently covered. Law enforcement officers do not have to witness the material falling from a vehicle in order to make an arrest. Exceptions to this law include farm vehicles transporting agricultural products and trash vehicles in the process of acquiring their loads.

IDEA: Illegal Dumping Economic Assessment

The Illegal Dumping Economic Assessment (IDEA) model was developed by the U.S. EPA, Region 5, to provide community leaders with a tool for assessing and measuring costs of illegal dumping activities. Use of the model can be a first step in quantifying such costs, thereby supporting cost management and policy-making decisions associated with illegal dumping prevention programs.

The IDEA model is easy to use and comes with a user’s guide and provides general instructions and helpful tips for using the model to assess illegal dump site costs.

For more information, go to the U.S. EPA website:


Photo: Sunset at Kelly’s Island, Ohio



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Photo: Winter sky as seen from Edgewater Park bluff, Cleveland.

Springtime In America! – GOT OBNOXIOUS BEHAVIOR?

The following is A Public Service Announcement!

Welcome to Springtime in America!!!!

Welcome to Springtime in America where our neighborhoods are no longer filled with the sweet welcoming sounds of birds and crickets after a long winter—but rather—are a noise pollution nightmare acoustic SEWER filled with the excessive sound and putrid stench of leaf blowers weed wackers, and chainsaws!!! Oh, and I should mention the migraine headache causing SMELL of the household using a whole bottle of laundry detergent that you can smell from a block away!!!

Welcome to Springtime in America where we continually see the audio terrorists and wannabe THUGS riding around in boom cars!……AND…. the revving of them there good ‘ole HARLEYS! YEEEEE—HAWWWWW!!! How nice this is at 2:00 AM….. what a sound to lull you to sleep! But heeeay…’s ok, these sweet benevolent guys can be as obnoxious or lawless behaving as they want because they believe in America, freedom, GOD..and the flag …..ride for the kiddies—and would rather put their money into illegally modifying their bike’s exhaust system than into beautifying their home!!!!

Welcome to Springtime in America where the sight of obesity is always within eye-shot no matter which direction you turn your head!

Welcome to Springtime in America where car windows have become trash disposals for fast food litter, cigarette butts and plastic cigar tips, junk food packaging, and a host of other trash!

Welcome to Springtime in America where you’ll find a myriad of tapestry weaving turds from all breeds of dogs as owners are too lazy to use the bio-degradable bags to clean up after their lovely pets!

Welcome to Springtime in America where the one time flowery fragrance of spring now smells more like the Ortho Lawn chemical section at Wal-Mart!

Welcome to Springtime in America where we can catch George W. Bush and a host of other right wing extremists dropping our own Mother into a boiling pot of water—-BUT still find a way to rationalize it, deny it……and go on supporting them as usual!!!!

Welcome to Springtime in America, where in many places, a single guy or gal in his/her 30’s or 40’s has the cast of Jerry Springer from which to chose!

Welcome to Springtime in America where we cannot even throw trash into the trash can….let alone recycle it!!!!

Welcome to Springtime in America where fashion is wearing pants hanging off your ass. (These pants are called “Crap Catchers” because those who wear them often seem to be running from police in such an awkward fashion, looking like a modern day minstrel show, and in their fear, crap in these pants which offer plenty of room to mess yourself multiple times!)

Welcome to Springtime in America where cutting down trees and mowing 30 acres of lawn is considered productive conservation!

Welcome to Springtime in America where in many places natural organic leaf litter from trees along the curb has been replaced with ripped out hair extensions (A.K.A. “Pimp Pieces”) and condoms!!!

We hope you enjoy your stay in this wonderful hot pit of feral, rogue and ill-bred behavior where rude, loud and obnoxious behavior is glamorized by mass marketing…..where WWF, NASCAR, Huntin’, 4-wheelin’, fishin’ and bingo are just but a stone’s throw away!!!

So c’mon inside, grab yer food stamps, take yer shoes off, wave yer flag and THUMP yer Bible, tote yer gun….have a smoke or a chew.. maybe a beer….SHOW US YER TATOOS….pet yer pit bull…show us your snake…trim yer goatee, and relax… Take in all that Springtime in America has to offer!!! We’ll leave a spot for ya on the front porch couch!

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Does any of the above happen in YOUR neighborhood these days? Has any of the above activity or kind of individuals compromised your quality of life? If so, leave me a comment!

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Letter About Litter To Frito Lay


Here is a letter I sent to Frito Lay about finding their litter all over the neighborhood. Wait until you see their response! 

Dear Frito Lay,

We are writing to you on behalf of our local neighborhood block club group in Cleveland, Ohio about the concern for litter. As we organize a neighborhood litter clean up once per month, we have assembled an inventory of the types of litter which accumulates. A great portion of this litter comes courtesy of your customers discarding empty bags of Cheetos, Funions, Doritos, Potato Chips and just about every other .25 cents snack product you offer.

We are currently trying to initiate a “do not litter” mentality in local schools since much of this litter comes from school kids walking home after school who do not exercise the common sense or responsibility to put litter in its proper place. If we can reduce some of this litter it would make a great impact on improving the visual aspect of a neighborhood trying to revitalize itself. Quite frankly, we are tired of seeing Frito Lay products as the biggest part of our litter problem.

We are therefore writing to ask just as you have made your products look ‘cool’ to eat with characters such as Chester Cheetah and the like, you make it look equally cool to NOT throw litter on the ground by posting it clearly on your packaging---perhaps a caption over the head of Chester Cheetah informing your customers that it’s NOT cool to litter---and to please place the bags in a proper trash bin. Other packages can promote the same….clear and easy to see and read.

It’s a shame as example setters in this world today we now have to remind people to do what common sense used to dictate, but sadly this is how it has become. Much of this litter gets washed into our lake and near our lake shore where it harms aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. Community wise, it is a contributing factor to declining property value. Many of us are volunteering daily to clean up what essentially has Frito Lay as a part of the problem.

As we will do our part in promoting personal responsibility via the schools, we would like to ask as the number one litter source in our neighborhood, Frito Lay show a bit of leadership in doing their part in helping to set a better example of why we should not litter, as outlined in our suggestions above. Maybe you can even think of a better approach for yourselves, but at least it will show your company gives a darn about this problem. You can write back to us at the following address:

Franklin Clinton Block Group
c/o Rob Carillio

We look forward to your response!

Robert S. Carillio
Franklin Clinton Community Block Group - Cleveland, Ohio

Boom Car Noise Discussion-Robert Carillio and Judy Ellis

Here is the link to the discussion about Boom Car noise as I promised in a previous post. You can click where you see “Robert Carillio interviews Judy Ellis” Judy is an authority on successful dealing with many types of noise pollution in her community. She has helped others as well, coast to coast.

Got Noise Problems In Your Neighborhood?

Excessive and unnecessary noise is often the number one complaint police departments receive on a daily and nightly basis in communities of all sizes all across the nation. In fact, there is little escaping acoustic assault these days no matter where you move—and noise, is among the top reasons people move out of any given area, city, suburb, or rural.

To learn more about the ill health impacts of noise pollution on your communities quality of life, property value, and even personal physical health, visit the following web sites to learn more. Drop me a line if you have a noise problem you cannot seen to do anything about and I will answer you personally with ideas on how to mitigate the problem.

I will also be posting a 24 minute talk radio style discussion about Boom Car noise pollution as a bonus. You may download this discussion and make copies of it for educational uses in dealing with this particular kind of noise pollution in your community. To learn about why this is a particularly dangerous kind of noise, or just exactly what a “Boom Car” is, see Lower The Boom Dot Org listed below.