Site Undergoing Restoration

Hello Quality Followers, it has been quite a while since I posted anything. I just want you to know that word for word, section for section, this site is a disaster that is going to be undergoing a restore. I will link this to Facebook as well as offer an online “talk radio” program. Gadgets and everything else will either be removed or restored. Please give it time and I thank you for your patience.

N.E. Ohioans please stay tuned because what we will discuss here, you will not find on WTAM A.K.A. W-e T-alk A-sinine M-entality! Where you have to be desperate to want to get on the air to work for such a station….One which claims “50 states and HALF of Canad” Well folks, I do not believe “half of Canada” would be stupid enough to tune in to that station!