Special Guest Post…..

Content by: Sol Rosales

My husband used to pay all of our bills by writing checks and mailing them. Finally, I was fed up with the slowness of the mail, so I decided that we needed internet at our house. I went to the library and did an online search for “Internet Adams” and found that we could get satellite internet at our house. After we got it set up, I took over the bills. I set up online bill pay for all of our bills and since then, life has been so much easier. It literally takes me five or ten minutes to pay all of the bills for the month. My husband was amazed the first time he watched me pay the bills. He said he had no idea that was even possible. I love online bill pay because I can set up automatic bill pay for payments that are the same each month. I can see exactly when each payment goes out and I know when the companies receive the payments. It is so much better than having checks floating around in the mail and never really knowing when and if the companies received them. I am so glad I took over paying the bills.

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