Battery Powered Kiddie Kars? No Way! Bring Back The Pedals!

I am often amazed at the paradox of “green kiddie cars” You know, those mini cars for kids with batteries–the ones we used to have to pedal??? In one way, they promote alternative energy ideas by using a battery powered motor, instead of petroleum, but on the other hand, they help to foster a mentality in young minds which promotes more dependence on—-or expectations for automation, and secures an image in their minds of large gas hog vehicles, as if we need more of those in the US.

Just the other day, I saw two overweight kids, about 7 riding in one of these toys, munching on junk food.. (Does anyone eat at a table anymore?) Anyway, I thought—“Oh great, that’s all we need in a nation where obesity is everywhere within eye-shot…..riding a battery operated toy which was meant to be pedaled…and eating while they’re at it!”

Let’s see…. Kids who ride kiddie cars…. Hmmmmm…. Isn’t this the age group where young muscles are developing and could use some physical activity? I thought so. Nevertheless, these kids were seemingly having fun riding in their mini-Hummer, looking like the mini version site I see on the road daily: people riding in gas guzzling tanks while scarfing down food, Oh… and don’t forget add the cell phone!

Is this really the kind of toy we need in terms of promoting a physically healthier, less auto dependent future generation? I don’t think so. Bring back the pedals!

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